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Climate Change is the "Buzz" at the moment, but what about the Climate Change we now face within business and the workplace?


People are more stressed, unhappy, suffer unprecedented and escalating levels of lack of sleep, anger, anxiety, depression, bullying and inappropriate harassment.


Your people need new ways to deal with the pressure of life and work in this current climate of "work from home" and "thumb swipe" paced world we now live in.

Let us assist you too;

increase productivity, staff interaction and mental health safety and lift job satisfaction at all levels.

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Helen, Laboratory Manager -       Age Group 50's

"Quite a few staff within our organisation have completed the Living Life Course and interestingly, if one of us starts to revert back to our old way of thinking the others will pick up on it and that staff member is held accountable.


They are reminded to use their ‘new tools’ they have learnt to move forward and make the difference.


As an additional benefit it has created a wonderful empowering and cohesive working environment and community"

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Sandy, School teaching Assistant - Age Group 40's 

“During and after the Living Life Course I am calmer, more centred and I really need to be now that I work with a challenging child in my new job. He is responding positively to my presence and my strategies and the class is a lot calmer as a result. On a personal level,


I have stopped criticising myself. I encourage, appreciate and acknowledge myself not only for my efforts but also for who I am.  I am more loving and forgiving towards myself than before and I have let go of guilt.


This has allowed me to communicate more effectively with others around me. My interaction with fellow staff is now much more enjoyable and I am starting to make new friends, not something I would have had the confidence to do before this course has been extremely beneficial for me ad my life on all levels. I can’t recommend it enough”.

Image by Brooke Cagle

"All business depends upon men fulfilling their responsibilities"

Mahatma  Gandhi

"Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room"

Jeff Bezos (Amazon)


Karen, Manager Corporate Banking & Finance -                   Age Group 50's

Several staff from my place of work had attended this program, and I although I was not aware of their attendance at this point, I had noticed some significant changes in their behaviour which although pleasing were noticeably profound changes on many levels.


I had seen them struggle with anxiety, bullying, inability to manage their anger, poor family relationships, even poorer work relationships, varying addictions to drugs, food, normal par for the course in an office environment, I thought.

Then I heard of two long term staff, who had maintained poor attendance over several years due to “illness” who were now attending work regularly.   I heard a staff member who had suffered more than 5 + years of feeling bullied, who was able to tell me that her relationship with the Bullies had turned a corner and she was happy in the team.

These were changes, that I never thought possible. Sustainable effects, that I witnessed myself.


I was invited to participate to experience the program for myself.  


For me, my changes have been huge too, better relationships and communication at work, NO anxiety.  More appreciation for my husband, of 36 years, and from this a happier household, without the stress that comes from working full time, enabling me to find my work life balance,

by learning that NO is a good word.


More energy, better sleep.  Realistic perspective on myself and my life.  


This program is brilliant for Corporate or Workforce environments and just as brilliant for personal.

Since doing the Living Life course I am more focused and a much more calmer Manager.


 I deal more effectively with difficult situations and react less to difficult staff.


I find it easy now to support staff and resolve conflicts that arise, which allows everyone to move passed the stressful situation and work together as a team and get the job done.


Personally, I find work a lot more pleasurable and worry less about workloads.


I am way more productive. This course was really quite amazing.

Sophia, Laboratory Manager -       Age Group 40's

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