Climate Change is the "Buzz" at the moment, but what about the Climate Change we now face within business and the workplace? People are more stressed, unhappy, suffer unprecedented and escalating levels of lack of sleep, anger, anxiety, depression and bullying. Your people need new ways to deal with the pressure of life and work in this "thumb swipe" paced world we now live in.

Let us assist you to,

increase productivity and job satisfaction at all levels.


"Quite a few staff within our organisation have completed the Living Life Course and interestingly, if one of us starts to revert back to our old way of thinking the others will pick up on it and that staff member is held accountable.


They are reminded to use their ‘new tools’ they have learnt to move forward and make the difference.


As an additional benefit it has created a wonderful empowering and cohesive working environment and community"

— Julie,  Laboratory Manager (surname withheld for confidentiality)

Age Group:  50's

* Measurable percentages may vary from client to client. Percentages quoted are average scientific measurable results obtained in the Living Life Courses.

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