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Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that ...(1).png


Self Control and Empowerment Program

What you allow to happen in your life is what will continue to happen in your life. We have the tools to help you achieve calmness and take back control of your life.

Are you up to choosing to have them?


"Before doing the Living Life Course my anger would red-line at just about anything. I would explode into rage over minor things. Driving, my wife, the kids - you name it! I lost friends and work mates over it. I look back now and am amazed I didn't end up being arrested for it or in hospital because I pushed it too far. Since doing the Course I am calm, high blood pressure is at normal, I laugh more. Sleep better and can rationalize, where before I couldn't. I now see I have choices on what my reaction is and not what the consequences of my anger will be. I am much happier now. I didn't think happiness was possible for me anymore. My wife and I now communicate and have fun together, instead of my raging scaring the hell out of her! I also learnt to relax. This course is amazing!"

Jeff - (surname withheld for


Age Group: 30's

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