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No matter what you think of yourself right now,

you are not broken and damaged.

At this point in your life,

you just have the wrong answers to the questions of life.

So let us assist you

in getting the right ones.

Addiction Recovery - Are You Ready to get Your Life Back  on Track?

Your conviction to be Addiction Free and your convenience to make that happen, won’t ever live on the same street.


If you are not willing to stand for your conviction, to get clean, sober and become happy within yourself,


then you will fall for anything that keeps you staying in your Addiction.


Your excuses will always allow you to continue to stay in that Addiction cycle.


And you know this to be true, right? It's why you are here reading this is it not?

So, what is your conviction for your life? How do you really want your life to be?


Our mission is to stand side-by-side with you with an evidence-based proven Program, based on Neuroscience and breathe life into your want to get clean and be Addiction Free.

We are committed with proven results to showing you the Tools you need to, be Addiction Free,


become anti-fragile, gain laser focus and consistency and get back in control and start Living Life the way you really should be.


We are committed,


to assist you to stop procrastinating and finally get on with...


having the life that you really want to have by being clean, sober and moving out of the trap of Addiction you are in now.

If you are really ready too...


Pull that mental handbrake.


Get the tools you need.


Get into the next lane and travel down that road to Addiction Free success...


Then we have the road map to achieve the results you need and make that happen.


There are various types of Addictions and we cover most of them in our Addiction Recovery Programs.  Some of them are:

  • Alcohol Addiction Recovery

  • Adrenaline Addiction Recovery

  • Drug Addiction Recovery

  • Meds Addiction Recovery

  • Gambling Addiction Recovery

  • Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Recovery

  • Eating  Disorder Addiction

  • Hoarding Addiction Recovery

  • Anger Addiction Recovery

  • Love Addiction Recovery

  • Person Obsession Recover

  • Repetitive Behaviour Recovery


Steve, Age Group 30's

Thanks to doing the Living Life Course, I have kicked a serious 20 year Meth habit. Until doing the course, nothing was more important to me than scoring.


Since doing the Course, I have repaired my relationships with my Children, my Ex-Wife (amazing I know!), lost weight, am happy, healthy, sleep well, no anxiety, depression or anger issues anymore and my career is back on track.


I never thought this was possible. but it is! and 12 months after finishing the course I am proof these tools work.

John, Age Group 30's

Except for my wife and a few close friends, no one knew I had, had a 10 year meth addiction. Everyone just thought I had become manic at times and had just turned into a very angry bloke 99% of the time. I suffered really badly from anxiety and rage and my Marriage was on the rocks. People were placing bets on how much longer it would last. Both my wife and I did the Living Life Course - separately.


I was amazed at how quickly I kicked my Meth habit with the tools I learnt in the Course that were really easy to use. I just didn't  and still don't feel like using any more, which is amazing! and our Marriage and 2 years later is just getting better and better. And thanks to both of us using these tools we are really happy, and no longer heading for the Divorce Courts!

Sally,  Age Group 40's 

I had a gambling addiction for 5 years - Playing the Pokies was my poison. Very few people new until I started selling off assets to cover losses and get more money. I knew I had a problem, but I didn't want to know. I felt ashamed and didn't want to go through the humiliation of admitting it or talking about it. I was encouraged to do the Living Life Course as it is "Content Free".


So I thought - why not. If I don't have to talk about it, that suits me just fine. It was nothing like I imagined, I loved it - we didn't even talk about my problem! During the Course, I stopped wanting to go Gamble, it was weird but freeing. I didn't need the habit and the need to get that rush - after 3 years I am still easily and happily addiction free - this course is awesome!

Peter, Age Group 40's

I had a drug addiction that cost me everything I cared about. I was fast tracking on the slippery dip to hell! I did the Living Life Course because a friend of mine did it who doesn't use drugs. He said it was awesome and so I gave it a go. Why not, nothing to loose as far as I was concerned.


Wow! Glad I did! 9 months clean and I feel fantastic. No desire to use. I'm not angry at the world anymore, I'm not anxious or depressed.


I have got my self respect back and although life has it's challenges, I'm embracing them with these tools instead of running away from them. I wish I had done this course years ago but I am so glad I have done it now. It truly is life changing for the better!

Chris, Age Group 20's

Before doing the Living Life Course, I lacked self-belief, confidence and a will to strive to be the best version of myself each day. I was struggling with self-discipline as it seemed like a chore to choose better and healthier decisions in all aspects of my life from the food I eat to the boozing and drug use. Depressed and confused, not a good head space to be in.


After completing only the FIRST session I was immediately convinced that this Course was for me and could begin to understand that this wasn’t your average ‘Self Help’ Course. As we progressed through the course, my desire to understand and practice what we were learning always increased and I was fully engaged at all times. This course is brilliant. My life is awesome now, because I'm fully in control of it. It's been 12 months drug free and loving it! My sporting life is taking off and success is in easy sight. Love this course. Everyone should do it

Georgio, Age Group 50's

My substance abuse has changed dramatically to where I find that it has not even crossing my mind and I also feel centred.


My relationship with my wife, children and parents has improved to the point where I am more calm and patient and I don’t feel that I need to get angry anymore.


I also feel that I have a greater understanding of who I am and a greater self worth.

I am looking forward to continuing enhancing these life skill tools that have changed my life. 

Joe, Age Group 30's

 I have become more tolerant, less angry and enjoy life a lot more. I was able to overcome a few of my own issues, take responsibility for them and rectify them within minutes, using the tools we were given.  

I have also been able to move on without my habitual weekly substance abuse ( without cravings and thoughts). My home and work life has become better and I know this will improve immensely over time with my new found/ taught tools.

All in all, I feel and know I am a better person and it shows with " the ripple effect "  to everyone around me.

Lisa, Age group 40's

My drinking was out of control. I found myself needing to have a shot of vodka within minutes of waking up, just to feel well enough to even function. It got so bad that I was hospitalised.  I  spent time in jail for my actions whilst I was intoxicated. 

A friend told me about the Living Life Program. It was life changing. I got tools to use that allow me to  see how I  made decisions and to change that for the better. I'm sober and have my dignity and family back. This really is a self-empowering program.  

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